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WELCOME - Why, What To Expect & Mission


Our newest free Bible Study Guide for men entitled "The Basics of Christian Life"
is now live. "Character" was our first Study for Men.  

For any questions or suggestions regarding our Study Guides you can reach me at or  

Why Men's Group Foundation?

This site was created because of the belief Christian Men need a central location where they can
easily find the resources they need for themselves and their Small Group.
On this site several
Men's Resource Sites are reviewed and recommended.

Challenging Discussion Topics provide a different approach to Small Group dialog with topics presented such as "Cherishing Your Spouse", "Personal Journey & Purpose", "Living in a Gray World", and "Facing Pain and Tribulation". "Bible Study Guides" provide Bible Studies that are practical but deeply rooted in Scripture. Small Groups

Through my own personal Life's Journey in discovering God's purpose for me, I hope men can relate personally and help others in their Small Groups and the outside world grow stronger in faith.

What to Expect

1. An easy to use site that contains uncomplicated access to a vast array of resources
2. A site that presents unbiased reviews of Christian Sites and provides Recommendations.
3. A site with integrity of purpose and honesty of personal experiences
4. A site that constantly strives to tie narrative to Scripture 

Please e-mail us at or with any suggestions or requests you have.  

Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to provide the most comprehensive, ease-of-use Web Resource Portal for Christian Men and Small Groups with an emphasis on offering challenging Small Group "Discussion Topics" and helpful Scripture based "Study Guides".

Our Vision is to become the "Premier Free" Men's, Women's and Small Group "Resource Portal Site.


We believe the Bible is the Word of God.