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Men's Group Topics & Free Men's Bible Study Guides.

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"Living in a Gray World", "Cherishing your Spouse", "Personal Journey & Purpose" & "Men & Their Jobs", others.

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What does it mean to be humble?

To me, it means to "take up the towel"

We take up the towel to serve others
We take up the towel to wash others feet
Washing feet humbles us
Washing feet helps us get on our knees to serve
Down on our knees to Pray
Down on our knees to receive His Blessings

To me, being on my knees helps being humble

Humbleness is not a natural human feeling
I believe only God can help us to be humble


I wrote a new poem today. (11/15/15)

Our VISION: Men Leading God-driven lives.

Our MISSION: To provide Biblical foundational resources to help men grow in their discovery and pursuit of Godly living. 

Our FAITH: We believe in the Apostle's Creed