The "Basics of Christian Life" covers themes discussed by the Apostle John and his writings.  John wrote his letter of First John precisely to help fellow Christians identify and understand the BASICS. His letter focuses on three essentials: KNOWING GOD, LOVING GOD, and OBEYING GOD...and it concludes with THREE TESTS, THREE WITNESSES and THREE ASSURANCES as a means of reinforcing the Faith Walk for every believer.

Each of the Five Studies includes a narrative providing thoughts to consider, concepts to contemplate, and encourages “prayer” before beginning the study. Each section/topic of the study guide includes:

  • A brief introduction

  • A short narrative in relation to the topic

  • Reflection questions

  • Scripture lesson

    • Questions based on the scripture passages

  • A guide for practical application in everyday life

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Study 1: Knowing God

Study 2: Obeying God

Study 3: Loving God

Study 4: Knowing, Loving & Obeying

Study 5: Three Tests, Three Witnesses, Three Assurances

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