The third Study Guide covers the topic of “what we want out of our life on earth”. We live in a very self-centered world where we are constantly being bombarded with messages that center on self or me. What will make “me” happy? What do “I” want to achieve in life? How can “I” be successful and have financial security.

There are thousands of “self-help” books that promise to help us in our personal quest. Book such as Dress for Success and the Power of Positive Thinking stand ready to help us reach our goals in life.

As the Study asks, “Why is it so hard? Why do we miss the boat in discovering how to live a meaningful and purposeful life? It is difficult because all of these self-help books are focused on a culture that places “self” at the center of the universe and "not God".

The world’s culture creates an “illusion” of what is success and what is important. As defined in the Dictionary, “illusion” is a false idea or belief. The only true truth for us on earth comes from God’s words.  From God’s words we get clarity and the hard truth of how we are to live our lives.

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