Sometimes I equate my "life journey" to eventually discovering God and bringing Him into my heart. For purposes of this section, I describe my journey in terms of finding my "purpose in life" or "my purpose on earth". I hope is that by reading the poems below, it will help others learn more about their own personal journey and possibly discover their purpose on earth. 

Whatever your personal "life journey"is, I believe it will only end in peace and happiness when you discover the purpose God intended for you. Until you come to this realization, I feel you will have difficulty finding true peace, contentment and serenity in your life.

Our journeys are very different and of course, very personal.  Many journey's like mine take a long time and entail significant pain and confusion. Other individual journeys are much shorter and may be less agonizing.

The poems immediately below describe my search to find myself and discover God's purpose for me. Although the poems display significant pain confusion, I think they show the need to be persistent, until we actually realize our purpose on earth.

The second set of poems express the joy and peace we can feel when we discover and accept God's purpose for us. These poems are filled with the happiness and serenity we sense when we are on the track God has set for us. This does not mean that life necessarily gets easier or less trouble free. It does mean however, our "life's journey" becomes less complicated and more straight forward because we know God is in our hearts and always by our side.

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Explosively Neutral

I want to go somewhere

Have prayed to move 
forward in my life

Where? I don’t know 

I am bursting with 
unbridled negativism
Ready to explode with 
enthusiasm going nowhere

I am ready for I know not what

 My thoughts are of others
My heart is for my children
My feelings for those 
less fortunate

Why does “I” permeate
almost every sentence?

Why does “me” dot the landscape of words 
and thoughts? 


“Me” thinks it is because 
a person called Marsh 
is not ready to 
move forward 

A man named Marsh
is temporarily lost in the
swirl of uncertainly

A father going by the name of 
Marsh living a neutral life

A white male feeling neutral
in a colored world

I am a man, just a man

When will this man 
become “I” as in;

"I am made in your image"
Or something like:

“I” now understand
“I” can see clearly now
“I” am ready for the journey
”I” was made in your image

God bless me and give me 
courage to accept my challenge

To move beyond a 
neutral existence

I would hope and pray 
for nothing less

04/26/2000 Flying to Seattle


In Circles 

Forever in circles

Round and around
Life's Merry Go Round

Forever puzzled
Forever in circles

Confused by 
repeated stops

Familiar faces
flashing before me

Circles but with 
stops and starts

No one knows
Where do I start?
Where do I stop?

Looking forward in a 
rear view mirror 

Circles of life
Circles of pain
Circles of hope
Circles within me
Circles around me

Circles surrounding me
for the thousandth time



No Where Man

Where am I going
I do not know

But God knows

I see clearly, but not enough 
to actually foresee the future

My heart is fully open to anything But, also closed due to the vastness of my ignorance

I can feel freely now
I feel so free I am 
hesitant to act hastily

I am somewhere 
and nowhere, 
at the same time

My mind clear  
for the future

Yet, the future is 
cloudy and overcast

I have no fear of the unknown
I feel peace bursting in my heart,
but have no peaceful feelings

Maybe in reality I am 
already somewhere

Just waiting for God to let  
me know I have arrived

As a man I feel like,
a nowhere man

As a disciple I 
accept where I am

Knowing God will let me 
know when in I arrive  

03/31/2000 Flight 
Chicago to Phoenix 

Why Am I Here? 

Why am I here?

I keep guessing but,
no answer comes clearly

I keep trying to discover
why I was created

What is my purpose in life?
What will my journey reveal?

The only answer I have 
now is, absolutely nothing

I remain dazed 
and also confused
I am forever blessed 
and peaceful

Doesn’t sound like
any direction to me

Sounds again like 
a nowhere man 

I don’t want to be a
nowhere man

I have worked very 
hard to avoid it

Haven striven to extract 
myself for a higher purpose

I am now coming to believe, 
this is my lot in life

I am destined to 
move with the tides
Flow with the water
Race like the wind

I am a perfect example 
of a confused man

An unclear message of, 
who I am or 
why I am here

I am OK with this

It is my reality
The reality of a flawed 
human being
The actuality of a 
damaged man

But I know this
That is my strength 
and my salvation

My purpose to demonstrate, 
there is no peace 
for us on earth

Only an expectation of 
peace someday

I am blessed because 
of knowing this

That is my purpose 
and my strength

I know I need 
Him to survive 

11/10/1999 Drs. Office, 
Seattle, WA 



A very powerful word


Because journey 
insinuates change

Going from one 
place to another

Traveling away from the past
Traveling from the present
Moving toward the future

Journey is the 
lifeblood of our existence
Without journey our 
life is at a standstill

Fixed in place says, 
“not going anywhere”

Stationary is, “not moving
Standing infers stagnation

Without journey we do not 
move forward 
or even backward

Without journey, we are dead
Movement suggests life

If we are not on a journey, 
are we in actuality living?

Does our human existence require movement 
to sustain life?

The journey can be 
easy or difficult
Understood or unforeseen
Simple or complex
Clear or confusing

Even though the 
journey may not be easy
Even though the journey 
can be extremely painful
Even though the journey 
takes us into the unknown

It does not matter where 
our journey takes us

As long as we moving 
or even trying to move

We can take a physical journey
We can take a mental journey
Does not matter which

Every journey brings us 
to the Light of Life

02/05/2000 Victoria Clipper.
Going to wedding in Victoria, BC


Never at Peace

I will never be at peace

My mind is constantly thinking

Thinking about anything 
and almost everything

Thoughts developed 
through a human mind
Thus, thoughts that are 
inwardly focused

There is no peace for 
my human journey

How can I be out 
of my mind and peaceful at 
the same time

Only God 
knows the answer

I don’t even know 
questions to ask

My mind betrays the failure 
to accept His blessing

My thoughts are blurred by
the light of my ignorance

Flight Newark to Seattle


What Do I Want?

What do I want?
What do I want in life?
What do I want to achieve?

Maybe a better 
question would be

What does life want from me?

Sounds fairly simple 
except for the question

What is life?

Standard responses say;

Life is being alive
Life is breathing
Life is living life

What is life?

My thought is;

Life is living
Life is dying
Life is a journey 
of the soul

What do I want in life?
What do I want from life?

The truth is, “I want life”
I want to live life fully

The discovery of life
The death of living
The life of seeing

The faith of believing
The peace and pain 
of every breath

I want it all now!

Whatever life is, I want it

No matter what!
The pain
The ecstasy
The pleasure
The puzzlement

I want it all

In the split second of,
my eternity on earth



Plane Paris to LA


Where Am I Going?

Where am I going?

I think toward a 
more merciful life

I now know the way
I just don’t know 
how to get there

My destination known
The journey determined
Leading me forward 
to help people

To help people realize the 
meaning of their lives

To discover life and love
To recover long lost feelings
To uncover beliefs buried by 
the journey’s pain and hurt
To rediscover how to arise 
and survive in the world

But, survival is not enough
Living to exist not acceptable

Maybe it is to us,
but not to Him

We are created for a
higher purpose

A purpose founded on 
love for each other

Full realization of this is, 
the world’s salvation

11/05/1998 Plane to White 
Plains, NY. Sales Seminar

The poems immediately below deal with the peace and serenity realized when we discover our purpose on earth. It is very easy to see the vast difference in both the mood and words of these poems from the one's above.

You can easily "feel the difference" in my attitude toward life and internal feelings of peace. As mentioned above, this does not necessarily mean life gets easier but it does get much better. No matter what happens in life, if you have God in your heart you will be blessed in your life's journey. 

It is fun to see the progression of my poems. They start out talking about finally "starting to see some light and purpose in my life". They finish by recording the unbridled joy in life and feelings of serenity I began to feel. 


The Way

I know the way now
So clear in my mind

luminated clearly
Ppunctuated by love
Uunderstood through love 

Lessons from the heart
Lessons of pain and relief
Lessons from life experiences

Lessons of His Love for us
Of His caring for us
Of His plan for us



Remembering my Dad
It is so obvious now
His gifts of teaching
His gifts of caring


I now know I am
also a teacher

To teach of:
My father’s love
My Father’s love 

I remember clearly now
My father on earth
My Father above

I now know them 

It is so special to fully
understand their teachings

To give me hope and love,
and acceptance of their gifts 

I now accept my gifts
Strengthened by my
personal life’s journey

Everything is in place
No longer can I delay making
excuses for myself 

I feel confident and
feel extreme peace 

The road is clear

My journey has
already commenced

11/8/98 Sunday at church


I am Not Afraid

I am not afraid

I have no fear of life
No fear of the future
No fear of the unknown

No fear of the past or the future
Actually, no fear of the present

I will never be afraid
I know this with an
absolute reality
With perfect clarity
With definite understanding

I will never be afraid
A very peaceful thought 

I can never be afraid
Never doubting anything

I will always smile from within
Within the sphere of my soul
Within the boundaries of my
earthy understanding

I am not afraid
Of myself
Of others
Of Him

I am not afraid
The freedom of my heart 
lights the way in 
every darkness

I am free to love 
and accept love

Forever without fear 

10/09/2001 Plane Paris to LA 


Peaceful Feelings

Such feelings of 
peace I have today

Peace in my heart 
and peace in my soul

Life is beautiful with 
Him in my heart

Living in the light 
life will never be dim

I have total trust 
in the future

Complete trust for what 
He has in store for me

I am totally open to all that 
life will bring before me

I totally trust my 
heart to His love

Such feelings of 
peace I have today

Peace in my soul 
and peace in my spirit

Feelings of contentment 
leading the way to 
excitement for life

Excitement for Him and 
all He has planned for me

Such feelings of pure joy 
Of pure enthusiasm for life

I feel free to discover 
His plan for me

I am free to move 
forward in His light

Free to float on 
wings of love

Free to fly over
pain and despair

Free to soar into 
light of the unknown

Unknown unto me
Known fully by Him

I am peaceful
Knowing He is with me

Such feelings of peace 
I have today 

10/22/2000 Coal Creek Chapel


Feelings of Peace

 I feel peace now

Such a relief to
accept my destiny

Fear has disappeared,
excitement reigns

My heart is now open
My eyes see very clearly
through the fog of uncertainty
Through my mind’s haze 
and body’s rebellion

I accept the love waiting
when we trust Him

Never have I felt 
so peaceful

So at peace
So at ease
So at rest

Waiting for my
journey to unfold

Through my faith 
in Him

11/5/1998 Plane to 
White Plains, NY 
for sales seminar


Have I Arrived?

When will I know
I have arrived?

Have arrived at
my destination

At salvation’s doorstep,
not mankind’s doormat 

When will light shine clearly
to illuminate my journey?

I will know when light 
clears the darkness

When Light shines brightly 
on my tentative 
steps into the future

I am finally starting to 
witness and realize my fate

Trusting the messages
Trusting my heart
Trusting my faith

Trusting to let go 
and accept, 

God’s plan for me

11/05/1998 Plane to White 
Plains for Sales Seminar



What is happiness?

How do you get 
How long does 
happiness last?
Where does 
happiness originate?
What is the meaning of happiness?

How do we find happiness?

Depends on your 
personal journey
Where you are going
Where you have been

Is happiness self-defined?
Is happiness self determined?
Is happiness derived from 
a higher being?

Where does 
happiness originate?

Happiness comes 
from within oneself
Happiness comes 
from the light above

Happiness is 
contentment with 
one’s self
Satisfaction with 
the world

Acceptance of Him

Pure happiness comes 
from the depths 
of one’s soul 

Reflected in the light 
of our Maker

1/27/00 Men’s Group