For both men and women their, "work" or the "job they do" constitutes a large part of their awake hours and can be an important part of who they are. Especially for men, work and career constitutes a large part of "who they are". Many times work may define how a man sees himself, including how he values himself and his life.

The catch, a job or career can become too large a factor in how someone "defines themselves", including how they assess their value as a person. By itself a job is not bad or negative. In fact, a "job" is mentioned by Jesus in the Bible as something normal for people to do. A job only becomes a negative when we equate it too much power. Our jobs can cause us to lose track of "why we are on the earth" and discovering God's true purpose for us.

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Ultimate Competitive Threat

You are familiar
with competition
Thriving on tough
Very good at

Why are you competing?

For what prize do you
so aggressively compete?
What achievement makes
you an ultimate winner?
How have you always
competed successfully?

The competitive winner best
understands the competition
Best understands the system, 
bending the rules if required
Understands exactly what
it takes to kill the
competition and win

What is the greatest
competitive threat?
What is your greatest
personal competitive

A threat to your job?
Threats to your company?
Threats to your well-being,
or a threat to your lifestyle?
Threats to your health?
The threat of keeping
someone’s affection?

What is the greatest
competitive threat
you will encounter?

Strongest competitive
challenge we will
face in our lives?

I say our ultimate
competitive challenge
is “Death”


Because death is a
very formidable challenger
A fearsome competitor who
clearly understands the game
A competitor so competent, 
death always has our number

No matter how good we are,
we will always lose this
competitive race

We will never beat death
unless we receive outside help
Accept advice from the greatest
competitive coach of all time
The only solitary competitor
to face and defeat death

Jesus, the only competitor
to die and live again

How can we defeat death?

All we must do is
accept God’s offer of help
Accept God into our hearts

He will tell us how to win
How to defeat death
How to live forever

How we can achieve salvation
How to live in eternity

05/21/00 Church, Believe, WA


Corporately Speaking

I was once like you

Totally committed to business
Focused on the bottom line
Engrossed insuring my 
personal success
Corporately speaking

I was once like you

Committed to my boss 
Committed to my company
Committed to fellow employees
Absolutely committed 
to career success
Corporately speaking

I was once like you

Success focused, 
instead of family focused
Achievement driven rather than 
driven for the "right purpose"
Business minded instead of 
minding my life’s business
Corporately speaking

I am still like you

Success focused
Competitively driven
Bottom line mentality
Corporately speaking

I am still like you

The same except
one minor difference
A small exception that 
changed my entire life
Changed perspective on life
Altered focus on my 
business career
Enhanced my 
understanding of success
Personally speaking

I am still extremely 
active in everything I do
Committed to the customer
Committed to doing a good job
Committed to business success

My heart has fully 
been changed 

Personally speaking



Planning Your Life

A good idea
Actually, a great idea
Then, why don’t we do it?

Because, we don’t have the time
We are always too busy
Too many places to go
Much too much to do
Goals to reach
Things to do

We have no time
for life planning
But, we do 
have time for: 

Sales plans
Budget Plans
Account plans
Vacation Plans
Financial plans
Get together plans
Avoidance plans
Plans for plans

Why don’t we have the time?
More time to plan our lives
A very good question
Wish I knew the answer

I consider myself a good planner
I have planned everything
I can plan anything

My planning skills are excellent
Probably, very exceptional 

But, I have a lingering question
If I am such a good planner,
why have I screwed up my life?

Why so many speed 
bumps along the way?
Why has my life been 
very rocky at times?
Actually extremely 
painful countless times

  Why don’t we plan 
our lives better?
Why don’t I do a 
better job of planning?


Because planning means, 
admitting our own mortality
Admitting mortality is 
something, we don’t want to do
Certainly something 
not easily accepted

But, I continue to live my 
life as if I am in control 

If I am really in control then, 
why not plan more joy?
More personal pleasure
More peace in my life
More time for family
More time for friends
More time for myself
More time for Him

Know what I also think?
We don’t plan our lives because;
we know deep inside 
we cannot do it alone

Many people say they 
don't believe in God 

But, these same people 
grudgingly admit, 
"something, someone 
is out there"

Many of us have finally realized, 
we really can’t control our lives

We cannot successfully 
plan peace, or even plan 
to avoid pain.

This is what I have learned

Have you?

03/29/2000 IBM Meeting, 
Schaumburg, IL


The Perfect Job 

What is the perfect job?

  Only the heart knows
where satisfaction lies
where challenges abound
and rewards flow freely

Only our journey will reveal,
the value of our own work
The rewards of our tolls
The satisfaction 
from contributing

How do we move forward
toward realizing our dreams?
Toward helping others
Toward fulfilling the promise
of our purpose on earth

The perfect job exists only for
a brief moment in time
An instant realization of 
personal satisfaction
A moment of self realization
A moment to prepare for our
next search to find 
the perfect job
A moment to enjoy the 
full satisfaction
That we contributed
That we made a difference

We hear the call to move
forward fearlessly

Guided by caring hands 
to uncover the true 
purpose of our work

11/29/98 Departing for Scottsdale


Greatest Paradigm Shift

My corporate friends
My business comrades

We understand paradigm shifts
Have studied and experienced 
them in our business career
Learning a paradigm shift can 
completely change the playing field
Actually changes the 
rules of the game,
or even the actual 
game itself

I would like to tell you 
about a paradigm shift
The ultimate paradigm shift
The mother of all paradigm shifts

A message directly from 
my own personal experience
A paradigm shift so massive
A paradigm shift so encompassing
A paradigm shift instantly 
changing my understanding of 
living, of loving and of dying

A paradigm shift so powerful 
that if experienced in business
Our business would be 
completely changed

Products immediately obsolete
Profit instantly lost or 
increased a hundred fold
Customers evaporating 
or multiplying like rabbits
Markets becoming non existent
or international in scope

The mother of paradigm shifts

A paradigm shift 
to my business mind
My logical human intelligence
My trained and calculating 
corporate mind

But this paradigm shift happened
I absolutely know, I was there
Personally experienced it
I will never forget it
It is buried in my mind 
forever in my soul for eternity

A change within me defying 
learned explanations
All logical calculations
All business model understanding

An instant paradigm shift of, 
my body, mind and soul

I will never forget the day 
October 21, 1995

I simply said, “Help”
Instantly, He was there

He had been 
waiting a long time
Patiently waiting for 
some sign of weakness
Some sign of awareness

Instantly I was transformed 

Covered in a blanket of love

Transformed by the original paradigm shift developer 

05/19/00 Flight Memphis 
to Seattle


Job Unhappiness

Why am I so unhappy at work? 
Why so discouraged sometimes?
Why depressed and frustrated?

Have searched but,
no answers forthcoming
Have questioned,
receiving no response
Have asked but,
have received no answers
I am tired of asking
Actually a little tired of living

Wished upon a star,
must have been a starfish
Gazed in a glass ball, 
seeing reflections of tinsel
Palms read
Tea leaves examined
Farmer’s Almanac consulted
All to no avail

Why so unhappy in my job?
Why no revelations?

Maybe I will pray

12/01/1998 Evening Thoughts



Traveling Man

Always on the road traveling
Where are they traveling?
Why do they travel?
Their answer
Why not?

Always traveling
Constantly moving
Continually on the road


Traveling man
Coming or going?
Arriving or departing?
Leaving or disappearing?
Doesn’t make a difference 

A traveling man cares
not his destination
Keeping on the
move is the key
Movement is
his salvation

Where are these
travelers going?

Only the devil knows
their final destination

03/07/00 Restaurant in Memphis