The Manhood Plan* is a scripture based Bible Study Guide helping men in becoming, “Godly Men”.

The Plan focuses on “you” as a man including:
My Decisions + My Choices = My Direction

The Manhood Plan can be undertaken buy an individual man
but we believe for long term success it is best to have at least 2 - 3 men or a men’s small group for support.

The five steps in developing your Manhood Plan are:

Step One – Awakening, “Discovering Who I Am”
Step Two – Awareness, “Where Am I”
Step Three – Pivot/Changes, “Turning My Life Around To Become A Godly Man”
Step Four – Accountability, “Building Your Circle Of Men”
Step Five – Legacy, “How Do You Want To Be Remembered”

We pray you find the Manhood Plan powerful in your personal journey to become a Godly Man. We are very much interested in your feedback on how the Manhood Plan has helped both you and your supportive men friends.

* Manhood Plan was published in 2012 by author Lannie Richardson. He has graciously allowed us to bring up Manhood Plan on for your personal use. You can reach his site directly at

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