Personally for me, writing about "Loving God" is more difficult than writing about "God’s Love". I think the reason for this is that God’s Love is always brilliantly forgiving and amazingly strong no matter what we do. His love never waivers or changes now and in eternity.

When writing about Loving God, there are more variables because in reality, we can have highs and lows in our "Love for Him". I am not saying, we do not Love God. I am saying, our Love for Him can be strongest when we are in great pain or deep need. When we are “in trouble” or “don’t know what to do”, we seem to need God more and our professions of faith and love become stronger.

Sometimes when our lives are going well, we take things for granted and feel more in charge of our lives. When we are “on a mountaintop”, we may somehow feel we are responsible for our positive situation and success. We can come to believe, "we are in control”, especially when things are going well. As a result, we don't always tell God we Love Him and Pray strongly during these mountaintop or positive times.

The poems below focus on reminding myself of God’s Love. Realizing the strength and power of "His Love" nourishes and strengthens my own "Love for Him".

NOTE: It is my intent to add a short Bible Study on "Loving God". Marsh  

My Lord

You are everything to me

My life and my salvation
The love of my life
The love of my soul
The love of eternal life

You are everything to me

I was not aware of
you in my earlier life
I lived according to my
own purpose and intent in life
I was never at peace before you entered

my constrained world
I now know how vacant
my life once was

You are everything to me

Your love knows no limits
Your Love is deeper than
human comprehension
Your love leads me
onward into
your arms

You are everything to me

Your perfect love blinds my
eyes to see you clearly

07/16/2000 Coal Creek Chapel 


 Why Do We Forget?

 Why do we forget
God’s Love sometimes?

Faced with success,
we frequently forget
A glimpse of troubles,
we suddenly remember 

Why are we
so independent?
Why do we behave
as if we are in control?


we are human

We are pre-deposed
to think we are superior
We believe we have power
to control our own destiny
Our human confidence
begets human frailty

We are continually
confidentin the present
We may also believe we
can change the future

So, why is this problem?

Has to do with the
definition of a word
Definition of the
word “future”

We believe we know
what the future brings
We are convinced we
can in impact the future

The problem?

For us, the "future" 
is extremely limited

It exists only a split second
ahead of the present
A thin thread still
connects us to the past
The thread so thin, it cannot
support future knowledge

We use this split second  
to believe we have
future knowledge

What will happen to us
What is ahead of us

Maybe we do have
knowledge of the future

I don’t think so

We are just aggressively describing

the present
going forward

07/02/1999 Waiting
in Dr.'s Office


The Joy of Living 
and Loving

Feelings of Rolling Meadows

Of peaceful plains 
and luxurious valleys
Fields of grain flowing 
softly in the wind
Elegant images 
forever locked 
in the sun’s rays

My feelings are images 
of contentment

Peace permeates 
the air I breathe

Dark clouds lost forever
Gray clouds brightened 
by the sun’s rays
Peaceful winds blowing 
away all feelings of pain

Why do I feel this peace?
I don’t think I know

A very hectic, 
busy time in my life

Too much to do
Not enough time
Flurries of hectic moments
Vignettes of peaceful times

Probably the busiest 
time of my life

But yet, probably 
the happiest

Maybe peaceful melodies' 
means peaceful harmony

Harmony of love
Harmony of loving
Harmony of accepted blessings
The harmony of loving and accepting love

These are new feelings, 
grossly understood

My feelings are not of a
joyous mountain celebration

I feel the freedom to move 
upward or downward
The freedom to love 
and feel pain

Or just to feel blessed 
and happy of my life now

I have been waiting 
for the mountaintop
Or the low valley 
before me

I think, 
I have arrived
Arrived at a place 
to glow and grow

To glow in the light
To grow in the light

Freedom to feel 
God’s Love 

Reflected in my face    

07/01/2001 Coal Creek Chapel

I Feel Your Presence


I feel your presence today

Glorious, heart stopping
feeling of your Love

Your blanket of Love
covering me completely
from head to foot

Breathtaking, consuming sensation

of your presence  

Five years ago, I felt
your Love in my heart  

I will always remember
incredible feelings of
Love and peace

So undeniably over powering, words

fail describing the
power of absolute Love

I will never fail to remember
Will never ever forget
in my own lifetime
Even in Heaven’s

Flood of Love like molasses

covering my entire body
A downpour of Love
cascading over me
A blossoming of
Love’s promise

How do I describe
feeling of Love I felt?”

My words so inadequate, 
I wish it were not so

The passionate emotion of

endless Love I still feel.

My inability to describe
the Love drags me down
If I could only adequately
describe the Love to others
If I could just once clearly
explain the peace

If so, I could help others to

understand and accept

Help people realize
that no comparable
human feeling exists

Unconditional Love

Placed lightly upon
our hearts

Thru His presence

08/27/2003 Coal Creek Chapel


Prayer Changes Everything 

Prayer is always 

Every prayer


An absolute reality

If we were God, 
we would know this

08/27/2999 Coal Creek Chapel


Accepting the Future

I am worried about
many things

Cannot see where
I am going

Don’t know what
lies ahead

Haven’t discovered
my purpose on earth

I have no knowledge of
what tomorrow may bring

While writing, the freedom of

acceptance suddenly
permeates my body

The future will arrive on
the heal of my
acceptance of God

I need to let go to
accept the future

My acceptance is the
path through darkness

Acceptance the road
through blinding reality

With God everything
is the same

Past, present, future
The same

So amazingly simple

Why do we miss this
message so easily?

We can move backward
into death’s hands
Or move forward into
the light of living

If we love God, 
we understand

Death or Life
The same for us

Embracing death moves
us into Heaven’s
brilliant light

Accepting His love
moves us to realization
of Salvation

The power of present
and power of
His Presence

Our future vision?

Running to a place where
we can see
His light


05/14/2000 Flight
Memphis to Seattle


God's Presence

God is here
Always is
Always will be

He is here for us,
now and forever

All we need to say

I accept you 
into my heart

02/10/2000 Plane 
Memphis to Seattle