When we lose a loved one, many frightening emotions confront us. For me, my emotions were raw, scary and depressing while losing several loved ones unexpectedly in my life. I had thoughts such as: I should have said this. How can I endure my deep pain and hurt? Why did God allow this? How will I survive on my own?

I wrote this study for two reasons. The first reason is the hope you might realize I have lived through some of the pain and grief you may be going through. The second reason is to give you hope that someday things will improve and you will find happiness.

After having so much loss in my life, I am now unified with family, connected with friends, happily married, at peace, feel great joy in my life, am enthused about life and am very excited about my future.

"It is my true hope this study guide helps you in a time of grieving and remembrance."



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