Bible Study Guides for Men

 I. "Christian Character",  II. "Basics" of Christian Life", III. "What do you want out of Life?"

"Manhood Plan - Part I: "Basic", Manhood Plan - Part II: "Making Critical Decisions"

I. "Prayer That Works",  II. "Transformed Man - ACTS"


Short Bible Study Guides

"Facing Obstacles & Troubles"  • "Living in a Gray World" • "Men & Their Jobs"

"Men, Sex & Living Together" • "Men & Health" • "Cherishing Your Spouse"

"An All Important Choice" • "Personal Journey & Purpose" • "Humbleness"

"What Is Truth?" • "Losing A Loved One" • "When Life Doesn't Turn Out Like We Planed"


Small Group Discussion Topics

"Cherishing your Spouse" • "Personal Journey & Purpose" • "Finding Peace & Contentment"

"Facing Pain & Troubles" • "Men & Their Jobs" • "What is Love?"

"Just for Fun" • "Humbleness"

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Our VISION: Men Leading God-driven lives.

Our MISSION: To provide Biblical foundational resources to help men grow in their discovery and pursuit of Godly living. 

Our FAITH: We believe in the Apostle's Creed