I have learned during my long journey of Faith that God's love is does not have any limits. By this I mean, no matter who you are, no matter what you have done, no matter what you will do in the future, God will Love YOU.

Christian men should know this and thus feel free to live life in the glow of God's Love. They are not and will never be perfect, but they know God will always love them on earth and in eternity.

God's love is so inclusive and so powerful it forgives any man or women from all past sins, current sins or sins that will occur in the future. In actuality, God's love is impossible to describe in human terms. In my poems below, I have attempted to portray God's Love in my own words and from my own experiences.

Maybe my attempts will help open your eyes to grasping, accepting, and living with the power of having "God's Love in your life". Or, maybe you already know of God's Love and He is already in your heart and soul. In this case, my hope is that you will enjoy the poems as a reminder of all that is good under God's Love.

NOTE: It is my intent to add a short Bible Study on "God's Love for Us". Marsh  

God’s  Love

  Graceful love, 
so simple it defies human understanding

Incredible love, 
living beyond our earthly understanding

Undeniable love, 
developed from 
unrestrained sacrifice

Glorious love, 
bursting though 
the light of darkness

Limitless love, 
filled with grandeur 
beyond death

Personal love, 
driven from the 
depth of our soul

Absolute love, 
surrounding us 
through eternity

Stunning love,  
reflecting His 
undying Glory

Passionate love, 
given by an 
adoring Father

Prosperous love, 
from His heavenly 

Extravagant, glorious, 
and unrequited love

Compassionate love, 
forgiving us forever

A gift of God 
through sacrifice

His personalized 
gift to us, children 
of eternal love

08/15/2000 Coal Creek 
Chapel Service

A New Day 

Gentle light upon the
dawn of a new day

I am waiting for you, 
open your eyes

Open your eyes to the 
glory of a new day

I am here for you

A fresh start 
in your life today

The breath of a 
new beginning

You can do 
you want

Please use me, 
do not abuse me
I am waiting, please 
come into my light

I am here for you

I will shine brightly 
on  your face today
Reflecting your hope,  
a chance for a new 

I am here for you, 
please use me fully

The glory of a new day
You cannot live yesterday  
No one can survive 
in the past

I am here for you, now!

Live the glory of 
my presence today
Please accept my 
new light of love
No one can live
"tomorrow’s day"

I am here, now!

Accept my love for you
My love will free the past
My love will fulfill your soul 
My love will protect you 
from tomorrow’s hope

I will always be 
here, for you

The hope of a new day 
Fresh promise of peace
Brilliant sunshine blinding 
your self importance

I am here, now! 
Offering a renewed 
chance for salvation

Trust me with today

Let me lead the way
Let go of your mind's 
plan for today
Free your heart,
accept today’s reality

Live the love of my presence

Live the glory of the day

Let me love you today

12/20/2000 Flight Seattle 
to Burbank, CA


Life is, 
therefore I am

He is, 
therefore I exist

He Loves, 
therefore I am saved

07/07/2000 Driving south 
to Chattanooga

A Blinding Light

I feel a blinding light 
in my eyes

A light blinding me so 
I can see clearly again

A light brilliant by the 
simplicity of it’s source

A bright light shining 
directly in my eyes

The light shines 
from above

The light shines 
from within

A blinding light 
that is white

White is a mixture 
of every color

The precise color 
of God’s love 

05/28/2000 Coal Creek Chapel


The face of reality
Life’s reflections before us

What does the future hold?
We don’t know for sure

We are prepared for the future
Absolutely ready, we think
Unknowns bring worry,
a sense of concern

What is reality?

That which is 
before us today?

That which is 
in the past?

That which the 
future holds?

Reality is 
what you make it
Your acceptance of it,
you and God together 

Discovering the future
Uncovering your 
life’s journey
Realizing why 
you are on earth

Reality is another word 
for God's destiny

Welcome it
Cherish it
Love it

Reality is a warm blanket
The blanket of our 
acceptance of Him

Human fears flow freely
Human minds ponder 

We try to understand 
our own reality
Try to understand 
our own destiny

Our heart will 
lead the way

Making reality 
our journey forward

A beautiful journey 
on wings of love

Guided by hands 
from above

11/24/1998 Written after 
Dr's. Appointment

Why God?*

Oh God, Why?

Why have we lost our
precious newborn son?

There is no understandable
reason for what
has happened

Nothing that can
take away the pain
We can think of nothing worst
Our pain utterly unbearable

A small baby
Our small child
Our fine young son
Taken so quickly in his life
Too early for him
to leave us

Oh God, Oh God!

We can barely speak
through the pain of our loss
We don’t know how
we will ever survive
We are numbed by the
realities of our loss
The pain of loss
overwhelms us

How will we ever heal?
How can we feel joy
in our life again?
We don’t know how
to forget the pain
We don’t know how
we can forgive

Right now we don’t
care one way or the other
The pain of loss staggers,
the foundation of our soul
We are alive but our light
flickers faintly in the dark

Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!

How could you
let this happen?

Why didn’t you take
someone else?

Someone older who
has lived their life
You have taken away
the jewel of our love
You have taken away
the love of our life
The soaring beauty of
a child we created

Oh God, Why?

We don’t have
energy to question
Right now we don’t
care about anything

In fact, we don’t like you
very much right now

Maybe we don’t fully trust
you at this time in our lives
Someone trusted would
not take the life of
our young child

The pain of our loss  
blunts our feelings of living
Unbearable pain blocks out
our path into the light

But somewhere deep
within the pain we hear
a small voice

A voice whispering so
lightly we can barely hear

The gentle voice saying,
just Love My child

I really do love you, 
you are My child also

The only answer to
your pain is Love

You don’t have to trust Me, 
just Love Me

Someday you’ll find
peace in your hearts

Peace knowing your
son is now with Me

* 04/11/2003 For a Couple
who lost their newborn son