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My Story

My Story and Life’s Journey

After leading a secular life for over thirty years, I found myself in Chicago working over 14 hours a day for IBM, traveling extensively and going through a bitter divorce. It was October 21, 1995 and I had just started exploring going to Church. I had always thought of myself as a “Good Man”, but nothing positive was working in my life.

I was driving west in the Chicago area when I suddenly cried out and asked God for help. I didn’t know how to pray. My Prayer was simply, “Help”.

Instantly, an “Overpowering Blanket of Love” covered my entire body like warm molasses. The new feeling of peace, serenity and love was so strong that it instantly transformed my body, mind and soul. I didn’t know it at the time, but God had been waiting a “long time” for me.

The feeling of Love was so strong I wanted to quit my corporate job and become a Pastor. Luckily a couple of Christian friends counseled me and I learned that we can all give back and support God’s Kingdom in many ways. For over 21 years I have tried to walk in God’s Light and become more like Him. Needless to say, we are all sinners so I Pray every day for God’s free gift of Salvation and forgiveness of my Sins.

Thinking of that moment of Transformation over 18 years ago, my eyes still get moist and my heart sings.


       Blessings. Thank You!

      Blessings. Thank You!

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The site started with a dream that someday I would create a Christian web resource site for men. Information would be easily accessible for men and/or their Small Groups.

As brought up the site in January 2012, people visiting the site asked for practical, Scripture based Small Group Discussion Topics. I spent much of this time writing about my life's journey and researching sources for Men's Bible Studies.

                                                                                                               Chimney Rock, CO

                                                                                                             Chimney Rock, CO

Our current focus has evolved from the site's original objective of providing a Christian men's resource site. Our current emphasis now is providing Pastors and Small Group Leaders with free, easily downloadable Men's Bible Study Guides. 

Our "target audience" is; Providing Pastors and Small Group Leaders "in a hurry" with Fast, Free and Focused resources.  

We also provide Small Group Discussion Topics including "Cherishing Your Spouse", "Men and their Jobs", "Facing Pain and Troubles" and "Living in a Gray World" without God and others. 

We strive to provide in-depth Bible Study Guides & Discussion Topics to stimulate deeper discussion and drive stronger Discipleship efforts to men. 

My dream is that someday Men all over the world can access our Site and easily find the resources needed for their walk of faith.



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